Called Lifestyle, this is the Habit of Coffee Drinking on Every Generation

Called Lifestyle, this is the Habit of Coffee Drinking on Every Generation

Drinking coffee or coffee has now become a lifestyle. This culture is even said to be increasingly popular among the younger generation. Jakpat conducted a survey to discover people’s coffee consumption habits nowadays. The report involving 1008 respondents discusses various matters related to coffee, such as coffee drinking time, spending on one drink, and the type and brand of coffee drinks consumed.

The survey results show that 45% of people consume coffee every day, once or several times. In more detail, 66% of Gen Z admit to drinking coffee every day, while 55% of Millennials only occasionally. Then, 37% of Gen Xers revealed they drink coffee 2-3 times a day. When it comes to timing, most people prefer to sip coffee in the late afternoon (37%) or after breakfast (34%).

As many as 58% of respondents admitted that they like to drink instant milk coffee or instant coffee mix. Other products that are also loved are instant black coffee (42%) and café-made iced milk coffee (34%). Gen Z tends to consume iced milk coffee, both from cafes (47%) and convenience stores (44%). Meanwhile, the older generation prefers instant black coffee with the percentage of Gen X at 48% and Millennials at 46%.

“More than just a product, coffee for Indonesians has become an indispensable part of lifestyle, enjoyed while hanging out or making connections. This opens opportunities for brands to create a unique and memorable coffee-drinking experience for consumers,” said Jakpat Research Lead, Farida Hasna.

Coffee drinking and lifestyle

Drinking coffee is not just about quenching thirst. As many as 45% of respondents from all generations admitted to coffee to hang out and socialize with friends, some to focus on work (37%).

The average cost incurred for a cup of coffee is Rp13 thousand. Gen Z spends more than the other two generations. On the one hand, the youngest generation is also looking for promotions to get cheaper coffee drink prices so it’s okay to change brands (27%). Meanwhile, 3 out of 10 Gen Xers always buy the same brand of coffee drink.

“As a generation that always follows the latest developments, Gen Z has a strong tendency towards contemporary coffee. This also encourages them to prefer to buy coffee at cafes or minimarkets. On the other hand, Gen Z is also more sensitive and observant in finding the best price and taking advantage of available promos,” said Hasna.

When asked where to know the brands of coffee drinks commonly consumed, almost 20% of respondents answered Instagram. In addition, 12% claimed to know it from online booking applications.




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