Courier Service – Survey Report

In a world where mobility becomes an essential thing, courier service plays a significant role in ensuring our shipment process run smoothly. With no longer geographical barrier, the way online business works is very much supported by courier service. We can make any transaction in any part of the globe and had it delivered to us. It also enable us the send various kind of products to our loved one in all over places with relatively affordable cost. Thus, courier service has a pivotal role in today product mobility. Understanding this issue, we conduct a survey involving 2.787 panels who ever use the courier service in nationwide. We ask them about their awareness and experience of using the service. According to our result, it is a pleasure to know that our respondents in this survey are not only aware of the existence of courier service, but also ever use their service as well. Although the location of shipping destination is mostly located in Java, cities in outside Java such as Medan and Denpasar showing a tremendous growth.

In order to enhance our understanding of this issue, please kindly download our report below. This report contains several issues such as:

  • Respondents awareness and experience of using courier service
  • Considerable factors that affect respondents preference toward courier service
  • Frequently shipped product and their purpose of shipment
  • Destination of shipment
  • Frequently used courier service package
  • Frequency of using courier service package

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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