Examining Sports Habits and Healthy Lifestyle of Gen Z and Millennials in Indonesia

Survey: Examining Sports Habits and Healthy Lifestyle of Gen Z and Millennials in Indonesia

In this digital era, some people prefer to be busy with gadgets rather than physical activity. However, the trend of exercising is on the rise again and people are starting to post their physical activities on social media.

Jakpat surveyed to find out the sports habits and healthy lifestyle applied. The report, which involved 4477 Gen Z and Millennial respondents, shows the location, time, and purpose of exercising; as well as a healthy lifestyle carried out.

Exercise routine

In general, 54% of respondents claim walking is a sport they do. In addition, 3 out of 10 Gen Z and Millennials choose running as their daily exercise. Other sports that are also loved are badminton (25%), cycling (23%), and football (17%).

“Gen Z tends to be more active in higher-intensity sports such as running and badminton, compared to Millennials who prefer walking as their main sport. This difference may be due to different lifestyles, health priorities, or psychological factors between the two generations,” said Jakpat Lead Researcher, Farida Hasna.

Home (54%) and sports field (53%) are two favorite spots for exercise. One in 3 people enjoy physical activity in the park. Regarding frequency, one-third of respondents admitted that they exercise once a week. Only 12% do exercise every day. In addition, 60% of Millennials and 52% of Gen Z admit to exercise in the morning. As many as 37% of respondents also claimed that they exercised before starting a major activity, such as work, school, or dropping their children off at school.

There are various reasons to exercise, such as boosting immunity (58%), reducing stress (47%), nourishing the heart (39%), and improving mood (36%). Four out of 10 men agree that this physical activity can reduce stress.

Not only physical but exercise also has a good effect on mental health. Eight out of 10 Gen Z admit that these physical activities have a positive impact on their minds.

“From our research, Gen Z reveals that physical activity not only helps them stay physically healthy but is also an important tool for improving mental health, such as reducing stress and improving mood. This is different from Millennials who may have a different approach to managing their mental health,” said Hasna.

Healthy lifestyle

To support sports habits, people implement a healthy lifestyle. About 83% of people say it is important to stay hydrated by drinking water. Based on age group, 6 out of 10 Millennials agree that getting enough sleep is one of the healthy lifestyles that must be maintained.

Then, 3 out of 10 Gen Z take vitamins as supplements, and 2 out of 5 Millennials tend to consume fruit for breakfast. Then, 46% of respondents considered buying supplements recommended by health workers, such as doctors, pharmacists, and nurses.




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