Food Delivery Service 2017 – Survey Report

When it comes to food, those who may be too lazy or finding any challenge to enjoy restaurant’s food can easily use any kind of food delivery service order available. Today, there are many kind of food delivery service available, from the in-house delivery provided by the restaurant to any food delivery service apps. By using this service, all they need is just calling or ordering the food delivery service, mention the menu they like to have, explain their address, and just wait the food to be delivered. We conduct a survey toward 2.305 respondents in nationwide to understand their food delivery service habit. Previously, we ever done a similar survey in 2015, and we just update our recent finding in this survey. Comparing finding from both survey, we can see that home and office still become the favourite destination to had their food delivered. Moreover, lunch and dinner still become the most popular time to order food delivery service as well. However, we find different finding regarding the vendor of food delivery service our most respondents use. In our 2015 survey, most of them were more likely directly contact the restaurant in-house delivery service to had their food. In other hand, in our recent survey we find that most respondents are now prefer using food delivery feature from apps such as Go-Food and Grab Food. Besides that, in our 2015 survey we find that Western menu becomes the most favourite cuisine to be delivery ordered. Hence, in this survey we find that most respondents in this survey are more likely ordering fast food and Indonesian cuisine. We guess that the popularity of several food delivery feature apps that makes several partnership with local restaurant which sell traditional menu become the prominent factor of this condition. Furthermore, to expand our understanding about food delivery service habit of our 2017 respondents you can download our survey report on the link below. In this report you may gain any insight about:

  • Experience of using food delivery service
  • Destination and time to order food delivery service
  • Preferable cuisine to be delivered
  • Preferable food delivery service vendor
  • Affecting factor on deciding which restaurant and/or food delivery service vendor
  • Difficult aspect of using food delivery service
  • Condition on using food delivery service
  • Frequency of using food delivery service and their minimum order amount

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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