Gaming & Esports Trends 2023: Mobile & Casual Gamers Dominate

Gaming & Esports Trends 2023: Mobile & Casual Gamers Dominate

Indonesia stands out as the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia, thanks to the rapid development of mobile gaming and esports. In 2021, the Indonesian gaming market reached a valuation of around USD 1.92 billion, placing it as a promising leader in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, esports in Indonesia has significant achievement potential and encourages the growth of the creative industry. Several well-known Indonesian esports teams that became world champions such as EVOS, ONIC, RRQ, and Bigetron have made achievements in the global arena.

Jakpat conducted a survey to find out the behavior and habits of gamers in Indonesia. The report involving 1191 respondents shows what devices, genres, considerations, and subscriptions gamers are divided into four topics: mobile gaming, PC/laptop gaming, console gaming, and esports. The respondents were also divided into two personas, namely active and casual. Active gamers tend to allocate special time to play games with a minimum duration of 3 hours per session. Meanwhile, casual gamers are more flexible in playing games with a maximum playing duration of 2 hours per session.

The survey results stated that 93% of respondents consisting of Millennials and Gen Z are mobile gamers, 38% are PC/laptop gamers, and 25% are console gamers.

Active gamers are dominated by men with a percentage of 54% while casual gamers are mostly women (68%). Regarding generation, more than 50% of Millennials and Gen Z arecasual gamers.

Gaming Trends in Indonesia

Most mobile gamers are casual gamers with a percentage of 55%. Conversely, more active gamers in the PC/laptop gamer category (61%) and console gamers (66%). This suggests that PC/laptop and console gamers should be more engaged with the games they play, as they tend to have longer gaming sessions.

In terms of devices, as many as 55% of mobile gamers use mid-end smartphones. Just like mobile gamers, 4 out of 5 console gamers use the same device category. Meanwhile, most PC/laptop gamers use low-end devices (45%).

Esports Trends in Indonesia

Gamers engage in esports by actively playing esports-themed games and following trends in the esports industry. Active gamers engage more in such activities compared to casual gamers.

Gamers have a positive view of the future of esports in Indonesia because they believe that it will have a beneficial impact on the country’s economy. They are optimistic about the growth and development of esports in Indonesia and are looking forward to its expansion and potential in the country.

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