Ramadan 2024 Digital Research: Raffi-Gigi Promotes the Most on Social Media

Ramadan 2024 Digital Research: Raffi-Gigi Promotes the Most on Social Media

Business people use the increase in shopping interest during Ramadan 2024 to intensify promotions. One of them is by using the services of influencers. On the other hand, influencers who have their businesses are also increasingly diligent in promoting their businesses on various social media.

Seeing this phenomenon, Jakpat and conducted a digital research in Ramadan 2024 to see the extent of product/service promotion carried out by influencers, and how the public responded to it. This report involved 1,180 respondents to the Jakpat online survey application and monitoring 4,151 posts on 50 Instagram influencers with the most followers in Indonesia curated by Jangkara. The survey was conducted during Ramadan in March 2024.

The effectiveness of influencer promotion

The online survey revealed that 87% of respondents agreed that promotion by influencers could make products better known to the public. Then, as many as 72% of respondents agree that product promotion through influencers on social media is more attractive than advertisements in mass media. As many as 65% of respondents claimed to be interested in buying products promoted by influencers. Fashion, beauty, and culinary products are the categories most interested in respondents.

“Today, influencers are one of the sources of information for consumers in the purchase decision-making process. Therefore, the role of influencers who can provide detailed, accurate, and reliable information is very important,” said Jakpat Research Lead, Farida Hasna.

Raffi-Gigi is the most popular and most actively promoted

The survey results show that the couple Raffi Ahmad & Nagita Slavina (Raffi-Gigi) are the most popular influencers with 77% of respondents recognizing them. They also topped the rankings in terms of followers, with 75,4 million followers. Next is Prilly Latuconsina (65%) with 55,8 million followers and Baim Wong (64%) with 18,5 million followers.

In line with that, based on monitoring on Instagram, Raffi-Nagita is also listed as the influencer who is most active in promoting products during Ramadan 2024. There were 419 posts (stories, image feeds, and video feeds) from @raffinagita1717 accounts that contained product promotions. Followed by Ivan Gunawan (379 posts), Citra Kirana (277 posts), and Ria Ricis (260 posts).

Promoted products

As many as 81% of Jakpat respondents stated that beauty products such as skincare, body care, perfume, and makeup; are the products most promoted by influencers. Other promotional products that respondents also often see are fashion (73%) and culinary (71%).

Meanwhile, Instagram monitoring results noted that fashion products were the most promoted (34%) of all posts with the dominance of Muslim clothing promotions (813 promotions). Furthermore, culinary products (25%) with the most posts of food products (516 promotions), and beauty products (19%) with the most posts of skincare products (394 promotions).




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