Hangout Places for Millennials – Survey Report

People will go for hangout with their friends, relatives or colleagues, and the places they choose may differ between one and another. Here we were curious in knowing hangout places for millennials in Jakarta Province. Thus, JAKPAT conducted a survey towards millennials (20-30 y/o) in Jakarta Province. This survey was followed by 500 respondents. Here we asked several questions regarding places, people they ask to go with and how long they will spend their time for going out.

1. How many of them like going out for hangout?


From 500 respondents, 437 respondents like going out Buy inflatable water slide Canada for hangout (87.4%). Most respondents following this survey are those who are around 20-25 y/o (390 respondents), and the rest are those who are around 26-30 y/o. Nevertheless, respondents who are 30 y/o are the most respondents going out for hangout (see xls file of this survey). Moreover, the proportion of women in this survey exceeds men, in which the total of women is 293, thus more women like going out for hangout than men.

2. Whom they ask for going out with


We provided some options when asking this question: friends, family, boyfriend/ girlfriend, close friends, alone and other. Generally, most respondents go with their friends, but when we look at the gender part, there are some differences between female and male respondents. This question was a multiple answer type, thus respondents could choose more than one option. Therefore, we can see some pattern between female and male respondents. Most female respondents go out with their close friends (60.54%), while most male respondents go out with their friends (64.77%). Moreover, fewer female respondents will go out by themselves than male respondents (29.89% vs. 30.68%). You can see the detail in the xls report.

3. Places they pick for hangout

We wondered where they will go out when they with particular persons, thus we asked them by using a grid type question. And you can see the infographic of this question below.


With Friends

Most respondents will go to mall when going out with their friends (41.42%) and other respondents prefer going to café (19.91%) and restaurant (15.33%). You can see the detail concerning this result on slide at the end of this post.

With Family

When respondents go out with their families, most of them prefer going to restaurant (33.41%). Nevertheless, the rest of respondents prefer going to mall (24.03%), tourism places (20.14%) and other places.

With Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

We found no dominant answer regarding boyfriend/ girlfriend. Nevertheless, most respondent prefer going to mall when going out with their boyfriend/ girlfriend (29.75%). The rest of respondents choose restaurant (20.82%), café (12.81%) and other places.

With Close Friends

Most of our respondents prefer going to mall when going out with their close friends (32.72%). And the rest of them will go to café (20.82%), restaurant (18.08%) and other places.

By Themselves

When respondents go out by themselves, most of them prefer going to mall (35.47%), someone house’s (14.87%), café (8.24%) and other places. We also found that 13.5% of respondents don’t go out by themselves.

4. How long they go out


Majority of respondents go out for 4-6 hours (53.78%), either female respondents or male respondents. We also found that female respondents have a tendency to go out for longer time (6-9 hours) than male respondents (19.16% vs. 16.48%). See more detail in the xls file.

For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below. JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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