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Brand Health Tracking (Q1 of 2019) – Nugget (frozen food)

Brand Health Tracking (Q1 of 2019): Nugget (Frozen Food) – Jakpat Premium Report

Brand Health Tracking is a study conducted by JAKPAT for mapping nugget (frozen food) brand conditions in the Indonesian market  with several aspects. Some nugget brands appear in our findings, namely Fiesta, So Good, So Nice, Champ, etc.

Aspects assessed include:

1. Brand Awareness
2. Brand Usage
3. Brand Association
4. Brand Satisfaction & Recommendation

Jakpat also conducted Brand Health Tracking (BHT) studies on several other product categories:

1. Ready-to-drink (RTD) Tea
2. Chips
3. Digital Payment
4. Cookies
5. Instant noodle
6. Crackers
7. RTD Juice
8. Wafer
9. Nugget
10. Sausage
11. RTD Coffee

Here are some previews of the report:



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