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After all the rush of preparing the wedding, being newly-wed may be the best feeling. We forget about the rush of wedding preparation, the long hours we should be standing during the wedding day, and waking up in the morning next to the person who you love may ease the entire heave. As newlywed, being married may pop us a lot of wishes, planning, ideas, hopes, and dreams about the perfect family you are about to make. However, being married is a tough commitment. Married is not only about uniting two people, who happen to be in love with each other, but also uniting the family and creating their own future family.  Therefore, there are many things to be considered and planned for newlywed about their life plan. We would like to discover the life plan of newlywed by conducting a survey for 181 newlyweds in nationwide.

Newlyweds who participated in the survey were those who have been married for less than 1-24 months. Both husbands and wives from the age of 20-35 were involved in the survey. First of all, we would like to discover the starting point of their married life plans. Most Indonesian newlywed start to plan their married life during 1-12 months before married. However, comparing the soon-to-be husband and wife, women tend to be more prepared in planning their married life due to the longer preparation they took before the wedding day.


As being married means that you must be responsible for everything, include managing and funding your own family, therefore  financial planning become an ultra-important issue. We asked to the newlyweds about the person who plays the role as the decision maker of family financial planning. Most newlyweds mentioned that there was a balance power between husband and wife to decide the family financial planning. However, other newlyweds said otherwise. 23% of newlyweds said that the husband played the role as decision maker, while only 15% of them who mentioned the wife. Interestingly, the least newlyweds said that their parents and/or parent in-law became the decision maker.


There might be an equal power of the married couple as the decision maker. Other newlywed even said that the husband has the higher power to decide the family financial planning. However, the answer was different finding when we asked about the family financial planning manager. Most newlyweds mentioned that the wife has the role as the person in charge to manage the family financial.


We went even more detail in finding the newlyweds topic of family planning. Interestingly, newlyweds from different age have different topic of discussion about family planning. The 20-25 years old newlyweds were more likely to discuss about their house, their car or motorbike, and the daily cost. For older newlyweds, they were more likely to discuss particular topic as well as the younger segment. Just like the younger one, the 26-29 years old were also more likely to discuss about the house and daily cost. However, they also started to discuss about the kids. They also discussed about the time to have kids and education for their kids. At last, the 30-35 years old newlyweds were more likely to discuss about the house, daily cost, education for their kids, and family insurance.


We then asked about the housing. We asked the newlyweds about where they currently live. Half of them said that they live at their parents and/or parent in-law house. Moreover, the balance quarter of them said that they own house while the other rent it.


The idea of perfect house might be different between the husband and wife. The husband tends to choose the house as long as it is still in their budget. They were also more likely to choose house with a wide area, so that they can build it later. In other hand, the wife tends to consider the location of the house.


The big homework after having a house is finding the household furniture. Most newlyweds bought new furniture for their house. However, some others also bring their old furniture from parents’ house to fill in the new house. The fewer newlyweds luckily got the furniture from wedding gift. At last, the least one got their parents and/or parent in-law bought the furniture for them.


As being married means you would create your own family, we then asked the newlyweds about having kids. It turned out that the wife wants to carry the baby way sooner than the husband. We asked about their ideas of perfect time in having baby. The wife was more likely to be pregnant in less than 6 months after being married. In other hand, the husband seems to be willing to wait longer. The husband was more likely to have the kids in 6-12 months after married.


We then asked the newlyweds to vision their family planning in the next three and five years. Interestingly, different age of newlyweds shows different answers. In the upcoming three years, the 20-25 years old newlyweds plan to buy house/apartment, buy car/motorbike, and buy investment product. In other hand, the 26-35 years old plan to have kids, to buy house/apartment, and buy car/motorbike.


At last, we asked them to vision their upcoming five years. The 20-29 years old newlyweds plan to buy house/apartment, buy kids insurance, and buy investment product. However, for newlyweds in 30-35 years old, they plan to buy car/motorbike and buy investment product.


For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (bahasa). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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