Segmentation Survey Report: Instant Food Seasoning

For some people, instant food seasoning may be a lifesaver. For people who do not have wealthy time to be in the kitchen, who cannot cook, or as simple as people who chase for practical/easy/simplicity in cooking, using instant food seasoning maybe helpful. We conduct a segmentation survey of our respondents in nationwide to understand how their motivation on consuming one affect their consumption pattern. In general, we find that the most fundamental reason of why our respondents in this survey consume instant food seasoning is because they consider it as practical/easy/simple to cook. Besides that, some other respondents also choose to use instant food seasoning because they do not have much time to cook, the instant food seasoning tastes good, and they do not have the ingredients. However, a notable interesting point that we find in this survey is that even though our respondents may have a different motivation, but their tendency, preference, and habit of consumption are relatively similar.

To enrich your understanding of this issue, please kindly download our report below. The report consists of some issues, such as:

  • Motivation for using instant seasoning product
  • Type of the instant seasoning ever been used
  • Frequently used instant seasoning dish and powder
  • Frequently used instant food seasoning package
  • Occasion on buying instant food seasoning and location to buy
  • Preferred instant food seasoning brand of respondents
  • Consumption motives X consumption pattern

Survey Segmentation - Instant Food Seasoning-page-017

Survey Segmentation - Instant Food Seasoning-page-016

For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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